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HPUX OPS XP256 BC and netBackup

Sebastian Galeski_1
Trusted Contributor

HPUX OPS XP256 BC and netBackup

there is 2 nodes OPS cluster connected to XP256. Data on XP use BC. There is idea: we want to use net backup for data backup next way, split BC, setup new Oracle database which will use one of copy of BC than on this mounted new Oracle use netbackup and rman to do backup. What do You think about it, is it possible, which Oracle should we use as second one, it should be OPS version???
If You have any idea or comments you are welcome.

regards seba
Ryan Kogelheide
Frequent Advisor

Re: HPUX OPS XP256 BC and netBackup

I'm only commenting on your question because nobody else has. I don't know what BC is, but I'd guess it's some sort of hardware duplication?

I'm not sure how this can work if so, because Oracle needs to have exclusive access to its data files. If it's an off-line copy, it could work.

If you want a duplicate, look at standby databases perhaps? I doubt that OPS would serve you in this case as OPS is really intended for having two Oracle instances (sets of processes) that need simultaneous access to the data files. OPS is essentially an inter-node locking system.

I hope I have helped more than confused :)

Carlos Fernandez Riera
Honored Contributor

Re: HPUX OPS XP256 BC and netBackup

Yes, it can be done but the way is not easy as you think now.

You will need to use a change VGID on BC Volumes.

Veritas has its own module for this "split/mirror".

I found two site where find more info: