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HPUX print to P2035n issue

Bosco Tsang
Valued Contributor

HPUX print to P2035n issue

We have issues printing to this printer as follows...

For text file printed via lp command, it works, but seems like the printout will be left in the print queue after successfully printed. Have to manually remove it from the queue before we can print the next one. This work on other printer, but just not this one. Is there any idea how to correct this?

For pdf file print via Oracle, it will print out as garbage non-stop until we turn the printer off. Is this printer cannot print pdf from HPUX (it work from windows print)? or there is some trick to do it (it work on other printer but just not this one)?

Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: HPUX print to P2035n issue

> [...] garbage [...]

Not a very useful description of what you
see. A Google search for the model number
leads to, for example:

Where it says things like:

Print languages, Host Based, HP PCL5e

So, if you're sending it PostScript, that
might explain much. What _are_ you sending