Hardware RAID on Proliant DL360

Sivasingam Santhakumar
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Hardware RAID on Proliant DL360

We purchased HP Proliant DL360 with 80gb x 2 disks, 2.3ghz CPU & 640mb ram. It has MegaRAID IDE 100 V 2.6 Raid utility to set up raids. I am trying to install RedHat 8 on it.

1. Linux sees 2 disks rather one (as raid).
2. Even after the linux installation(no
hazzle here) and the subcequecnt reboot
the system searching for boot disk (C:).

Is there a special driver available? how can
I install the driver (it cannot boot into
I need your assistant to solve the problem.

Thanks in advance
Sivasingam Santhakumar
Frequent Advisor

Re: Hardware RAID on Proliant DL360

I have resolved the problem after:

1. Rebuilt the array in BIOS level
2. Installed Linux on first disk.
3. Applied this RPM

Now Linux sees only one disk.