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High CPU usage by Oracle processes


High CPU usage by Oracle processes

Hi you all,

I'm having a performance problem with a machine. The CPU is near 100%. After seeing what processes are the guilty ones I've seen they are some Oracle ones. I'm a newbie with Oracle. Here I send you the init.ora file. I'm afraid the DB is not well dimensioned. There are a lot of processes like:

oracle 28834 1 19 11:07:16 ? 0:00 oracleNMPROD (DESCRIPTION=(LOCAL=no)(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=BEQ))

they end very fast, but there are many of them each second.

So my question is, how could be reduced the CPU usage (if possible)?

Memory 512 MB
2 CPU's 450 MHZ
SO HPUX 11.0

Thank you very much for your help,
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Re: High CPU usage by Oracle processes

I forgot to say it's Oracle 8.1.6

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Re: High CPU usage by Oracle processes

Hi Rafael,

Take a Look at this thread,

Hope this helps.

A. Clay Stephenson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: High CPU usage by Oracle processes

The very first thing to check is the value of the kernel tunable 'timeslice'. There has been a Tuned Parameter set for databases that wrongly set timeslice to 1 rather than 10.
If it ain't broke, I can fix that.

Re: High CPU usage by Oracle processes

Hi A.Clay,

timeslice is 10;

Thank you very much. I've seen in Glance that the CPU is being used mainly by these system calls:

System Call Name ID Count Rate CPU Time Cum CPU
1 446 91.0 0.62159 148.23025
fork 2 984 189.2 0.43792 107.06064
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Re: High CPU usage by Oracle processes

Hi Rafael

With the information you ahve provided , the first thing look like is that you ahve a lesser memory , can you porst a o/p of like sar 2 5 which shouls the CPU usage , also waht are the kernel parameters of HP UX . The best way to figure out would be know is really CPU used for more memory i/o , what is the swap size , mem utilization etc , physical , logical reads , etc .

A good palce to star would be to post the sar o/p , and also vmstat o/p .

If you are sure taht it is not the OS and the same is proeperly tuned then you amy look at the following :

Manoj Srivastava
Jim Butler
Valued Contributor

Re: High CPU usage by Oracle processes

try, and enter your oracle sid to set yourself up for some really good tech docs. With oracle, it could be just about anything. I posted my oracle kernel that I use here to support 3 SIDS on one of our oracle boxes here.

Are you running a listener process, and if so, are you communication with a webserver?
Are you running a stand alone OLTP system where you are serving terms to your users, etc.?

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