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Home directory issue

Super Advisor

Home directory issue


OS:HPUX 11.11

My home /home/saty172 directory showing 88% in use ,but when i looked in /home/test,found 2 directorys named . and .. what is this ? and the number of links showing 1342 for the directory .. ,how to proceed with this ..pls find the attachement for more dtls


Re: Home directory issue

the dot directory (.) should be the reference to the current directory, so if you wanted to e.g. execute a file in the current directory you could do the command "./someprogram", and the doubledot (..) is the parent directory, in case you want to change back to the previous one "cd ..".

From the attached file it doesn't look like you have much in your home dir, so I assueme there are other directories under "/home" ?
Super Advisor

Re: Home directory issue


Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: Home directory issue

> [...] when i looked [...]

As usual, it would help if you showed the
actual command you used to look at the
directory contents.

Every directory should include "." and "..".

"ls -a" includes them in its output.

"ls -A" omits them from its output.

For more details, "man ls":

If you are a user with appropriate privileges, all files except . and
.. are listed by default.
Dennis Handly
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Home directory issue

>the number of links showing 1342 for the directory

This says you have 1341 other home directories you need to look at.

Try: du -kxs /home/*

>John: so I assume there are other directories under /home?

Right, all 1342 of them.