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Hot Standy w/ ServiceGuard

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Anthony Baldwin
Occasional Advisor

Hot Standy w/ ServiceGuard

Hello. Can someone explain to me the terminology of hot standby? I have been charged w/ the task of configuring a MC/SG cluster, implementing "hot standby.... For example, the customer wants to have 2-node cluster, remote from one another. The second node is a standby that will become the primary in the event of a disaster."

The customer wants to have Oracle database among its software packages that MC/SG monitors. Is this how we want to use MC/SG? I had the pleasure of taking the MC/SG course, but I gathered that you would want to use ServiceGuard in conjunction with mirroring, where the nodes in the cluster (at least 3 nodes) have access to the same data disks (preferably, an external disk device).

What the customer sounds like they want is a disaster/recovery setup (if one box fails the other can be used)... The question is, do you want to use ServiceGuard in this way and is this considered to be "hot standby"? Please advise. Thanks.

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Berlene Herren
Honored Contributor

Re: Hot Standy w/ ServiceGuard

I think you maybe be speaking of APA, Autoport Aggregation.

Auto-Port Aggregation has four configuration modes: FEC_AUTO (from PAgP) LACP (6/00), MANUAL, and LAN MONITOR. FEC_AUTO and LACP modes provide automatic configuration of aggregates of Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet
links using switches that support PAgP or LACP. MANUAL mode provides a mechanism for manual configuration of link aggregation. LAN MONITOR mode provides a link failover for single systems with hot standby links but
no load balancing. These modes provide single logical high-bandwidth channel of active links. APA also supports MC/ServiceGuard (in MANUAL mode).

See the apa manual at

James R. Ferguson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Hot Standy w/ ServiceGuard

There are other responses in the duplicate post of this thread.