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How to access ASR from user applications

Richard Scott_5
Occasional Contributor

How to access ASR from user applications


I would like to use the Automatic Server Restart (ASR)watchdog from within my
application running on NT 4.0. i.e. If my application stops polling the
watchdog, the server should restart.

I see that there is a file asrdev.sys which looks like a low level NT driver
used to control the ASR hardware. Is there a published API and possibly even
example c source code to interface with this driver.

Any help would be appreciated, or a telephone number or email address of a
suitable person.

Thank you,

Jamie Hughes_1
Regular Advisor

Re: How to access ASR from user applications

Hi Richard,

I've been digging all around inside of HP to try and find the answer to your
question. Unfortunately, I cannot find any published api's or sample source
code that might help you out with this. If I do come across something, I will
post it here for you.

Jamie Hughes