How to chk version of megaraid driver?

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Gregory Lee

How to chk version of megaraid driver?

I have a RH72 system on Netserver LP2000r usin AMI megaraid controller. How do I find out the version of the controller that is loaded?

I need to check that the version of the driver is v1.17 (supposedly there is a megaraid.c file but I can't find it on my system).

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Re: How to chk version of megaraid driver?


If you are currently using megaraid as scsi disk, you can see the version number on "dmesg".

If you are not using megaraid, then try # strings megaraid.o |more
I think you can find the version number.

You can find megaraid.o in /lib/modules//kernel/drivers/scsi

As you know, NetRAID-1M/2M had filesystem corruption.
But it was solved if you use the latest firmware H.02.01.
In short, if you use H.02.01, you don't need to worry which version of megaraid you have to use.

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Stuart Browne
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Re: How to chk version of megaraid driver?

The only limitation (other than the corruption issues) is with the 'megamgr' tools. These require a minimum of 1.15, but anything over RH7.2 has a sufficient version of the driver distributed with the kernel (1.17a).
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