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How to connect to MS SQL Server from HP-UX?

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How to connect to MS SQL Server from HP-UX?


Currently we are trying to customize NNM on an HP-UX box to retrieve some data stored on a MS SQL database on an NT machine. What will be the easiest way to do so?

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Philip Chan_1
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Re: How to connect to MS SQL Server from HP-UX?

Take a look at the MSSQL::DBlib module

with it you could manipulate SQL Server data from within Perl (nice effort by Michael Peppler & Christian Mallwitz).

The other method is feed your Transact-SQL script to the isql command, then parse the output using shell script (cut, sed, grep etc).

Hope this help.

Tony Watts

Re: How to connect to MS SQL Server from HP-UX?

First, are you currently connected to the NT machine? if not, I would recommend using WRQ Reflection suite, its a highly customizable package and got me connected from my NT Server To my HP9000 server in about 45 minutes, from that point I could share data both ways including all db's drives and printers, or if you prefer there are quite a large variety of other packages that do similiar, but have tried them and then finding Reflections, I would definately recommend that.
Second, but if you are not currently connected, I cant offer too much more...Hope this was usefull...Tony