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How to deploy Oracle ERP with HP MC serviceguide?

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Richard Gong_2
Occasional Contributor

How to deploy Oracle ERP with HP MC serviceguide?

I do it as the following steps, all of the other functions are running ok except concurrent manager:
1. My physical hosts name are HW02 and HW03, the MC packege name is EBISCN .
2. At first, I rename the physical machine HW02 to EBISCN, and use Oracle RapidClone migrated APP11i from HW01 to EBISCN, then shutdown APPS11i, change the host name EBISCN back to HW02.
3. Configed HP/MC serviceguard between HW02 and HW03 and start APPS 11i.
4. log on APP from portal, the system prompt me can not found _HW02.dbc (the packge is running in the node of HW02), so I copy a dbc file from _EBISCN.dbc to _HW02.dbc, restart the APPS 11i, now I can login the app 11i from portal.
5. I checked the APP and found the concurrent manager can not run . the system prompt me 'no manager'. I added the nodes HW02 & HW03 use SYSADMIN, now the requests run OK. But I cant view the outfiles & logfiles. the error shows 'An error occurred while attempting to establish an Application File Server connection HW02...'
6. I searched the logfile according to request ID, and found the file is located in EBISCN/ dir.
7. I reviewed the table fnd_concurrent_requests, and found the node name is HW02 instead of EBISCN.
All above, I think the focus is that the system can not identify the packege name . How can I do? Thinks for your reply.

Richard gong
Indira Aramandla
Honored Contributor

Re: How to deploy Oracle ERP with HP MC serviceguide?

Hi Richard,
I have seen this post in the HP OpenView OmniBack category.
The most important task is setting up the HP hardware and software including the cluster and packages necessary for HP Service Guard.

In order to make other important applications highly available, you can configure your OPS cluster to use packages. ServiceGuard can automatically transfer control of all system resources in a designated package to another node within the cluster.

You create packages to start and stop OPS itself as well as to run applications that access the database instances.

Attached is a document describing the package configuration from metalink.

I hope this helps

Indira A

Never give up, Keep Trying
Syed Fahimuddin
Occasional Advisor

Re: How to deploy Oracle ERP with HP MC serviceguide?

Hi Richard,

I have done this sometime back.

Please do the following changes in the 8.0.6 home directory. The file is tnsnames.ora file under network/admin/PROD/

For example in my system it is


I have made changes to this file and am attaching it.

I have considered your package name and the host names also.

I have assumed youd domain name to be
After doing these changes, you can shutdown the listener, concurrent manager etc and bring it up. this should work.

Please make sure you backup the original tnsnames.ora file.

- regards

Hardwork is the essence of success
Richard Gong_2
Occasional Contributor

Re: How to deploy Oracle ERP with HP MC serviceguide?

Dear Fahim:

Thank your for the valued experience,we had resolved the issue refer to your retroduction.