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How to get the user informatio?

Chen Yingjie
Frequent Advisor

How to get the user informatio?

Hello everyone.

I want to get following user
information from ORACLE database.

1. username
2. user id
3. role
4. create date

Could someone advise me the
operation procedure?

T G Manikandan
Honored Contributor

Re: How to get the user informatio?

you can just do a

select * from dba_users where username='CHEN';

Honored Contributor

Re: How to get the user informatio?


sqlplus > select * from dba_users;
never give up
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Re: How to get the user informatio?


to get the user information, you should use the following:
select username, user_id, created
from dba_users
where username like '%&user%'

whereas for the role information:
select grantee, granted_role
from dba_role_privs
where grantee like '%&user%'

and if you want table privileges, try:
select grantee, owner||'.'||table_name, privilege
from dba_tab_privs
where grantee like '%&user%'

and for column level privileges:
select grantee, owner||'.'||table_name, column_name, privilege
from dba_col_privs
where grantee like '%&user%'

hope this helps!

Best Regards
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