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How to remove startup programs from B.10.20 with Vue

Occasional Advisor

How to remove startup programs from B.10.20 with Vue

Sorry for the dumb question but I am having a hard time finding the answer to a problem as I still think in windows nomenclature. 


I have some icons/popups I would like to remove from the login to desktop. Closing them works for the session but on restart they are back


The system is a clone of another system that has xphpcalc on the desktop and by default has helpview help (which isnt very for me, man pages seem to missing).


The helpview help takes up half the screen on login with a popup and closing it does not remove the icon from the desktop. I would like to remove at least the popup from startup.


Also xphpcalc (and something else) where attached to the original desktop. (and work properly on the orginal system) but for some reason do not function on the clone and I get "File missing or not found" errors at login.


We are using VUE desktop environment


I would like to know the location these links are found in to remove them from the startup/login process


Thanks for the help

Occasional Advisor

Re: How to remove startup programs from B.10.20 with Vue

More concisely


xhpcalc and calender broken symbolic links are on desktop and I want to remove them permanently.


they are broken (just a empty folder icon) and a error message pops up saying the application cant be found at every login


Also I would like to get rid of helpview popping up automatically at login.