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Hp Brio BA 410 bios upgrade

Hp Brio BA 410 bios upgrade

I was having real serious problems weeks ago trying to install windows 98 se/windows 2000 server 0n a HP BA410 Brio computer. The initial problem was that the harddrive crashed . I replaced the hard drive to a 40gb drive that was not recogsied by the bios. I used seagate dynamic drive overlay (DDO )software and tried unsucessfully many times to install win98se or win 2k server.I say unsucessfully because I would get upto a point where 1st part of installation is completed.And when it boots it shows me an error of Inaccassible_boot_device.
What i think is tht the problem is with bios as it is showing me only 8445 gb instead of 40 can any one help me telling from where i can get upgrade of bios of REV-IO.07.08.this is version of bios which shows in setup.Or any one have other solution so tht i can install win2kserver of this senario.

I look forward to your response.
Phillip Williams_2
Respected Contributor

Re: Hp Brio BA 410 bios upgrade


BIOS 10.07.10 is at〈=English&pnameOID=21160&prodSeriesId=32894&prodTypeId=12454&basePartNum=vc3842&locBasepartNum=vc3842en&os=Cross+OS&tech=BIOS

Other information on BRIO 410 is at〈=en&cc=us



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