Hylafax System

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Hylafax System


i installed a fax system for may company using the hylafax package.
i would like to expand it to more "Virtual Extention", what i mean is that i would like to forward other extentions to the extentions that the fax system is using, and then if a fax is send to one of this virtual numbers i will be able to send the incoming fax by e-mail to a predefine user.
today i'm able to do this only with the real extentions that exist in the fax system, when i make the "virtual extention" forward the system treat this fax as if it is sent to real-extention. and ignore the virtual number that the fax was originaly sent to.

i'm sorry if it looks like a real mess .. it a hard
Francisco J. Soler
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Re: Hylafax System

I don't know how the virtual extension works, but there is another way to redirect an incoming fax. I send you a piece of HylaFax Howto, you can view the complete howto in hylafax home page (www.hylafax.org)


6.10 Automatic Routing of Received Fax Notification

Create a shell script etc/FaxDispatch (usually /var/spool/hylafax/etc/FaxDispatch) which sets SENDTO to a valid e-mail address. By using FaxDispatch, the HylaFAX administrator can route received fax notifications and, if desired, the fax image directly to the intended recipient.

The following shell variables are available for use in FaxDispatch:

CIDNUMBER the CIDNumber value determined from faxgetty
CIDNAME the CIDName value determined from faxgetty
DEVICE the device name (i.e. ttyS1) of the receiving modem
FILE the filename (including path) of the tif fax image
FILENAME the filename (excluding path) of the tif fax image
SENDER the TSID of the fax sender

FILETYPE the type of file attachment to use (ps, tif, pdf)
MIMENCODE the program for UU-encoding binary mail attachments
SENDTO the destination e-mail address of the notification

These are all generally considered read-only values except for MIMENCODE (which defaults to mimencode), FILETYPE (defaults to ps), and SENDTO (no default). A good example is given in 'man faxrcvd', however, a simple usage would be:

Linux?. Yes, of course.
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Re: Hylafax System

Fred Ramos
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Re: Hylafax System

Hello there, Avi

Have you had any success in implementing that virtual extension system for faxes ? I am facing the same problem right now and haven't found nothing to accomplish the kind of solution I need ( and you were after) . Please share your thoughts.


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Re: Hylafax System

hey fred

Sorry but i'm still having that problems, i was reading this article : http://jamesthornton.com/linux/gazette/issue79/fraile.html

where the authour wrote that he succeed in doing this.. i tried it with no success.

i forward the incomming call ( fax session ) from the virtual fax extention to hylafax server, but when i examin the hylafax log it show no indication that it identifies the source as the virtual extension.
the log show that it identify the source as the original source which make sense because the fax session is open between the original source and the fax server , as i understand it the virtual extention function as a tunnel and no more.
i'm still trying to solve this issue.

please let me know if you find the solution.