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IP Address CHange

Trusted Contributor

IP Address CHange

HI all,.

I want to change my Exchange and Domain COntroller IP address,, Windows 2000 and Exchange 2000,,

Please explain me some steps,, this is multi site setup,,

Ron Kinner
Honored Contributor

Re: IP Address CHange

Does your network use DNS or WINS? You will need to make sure the DNS and WINS info is correct after you change your IP addresses. If any of your users have the addresses hardcoded in their ..\etc\hosts or ..\LMHOST file they will need to edit them. Are you using DHCP to assign addresses to your hosts? You may need to change the range of IP addresses it sends out. If not you may have to change the addresses manually on each host. If your default gateway to the internet changes its addresses you will need to reflect that in your DHCP files or you will need to change it on each and every host if you use static addresses. Ditto for your WINS or DNS.