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IPChains incompatoble with this kernel...

IPChains incompatoble with this kernel...

I?m using Linux Kernel 2.4.5 and using ipchains I got the following:

# ipchains -L
ipchains: Incompatible with this kernel

Why? What do I have to do to solve this problem?

Any clue?


PS.: Does someone use Floppy FW? I?m going to implement it on a linux box, using kernel 2.4.5, Is there any problem?
Nils Hoppe
Occasional Visitor

Re: IPChains incompatoble with this kernel...

Good Morning! (in my timezone anyway). ;)

ipchains is no more - if you want to use ipchains you need to compile a 2.2 kernel.

the 2.4 kernel comes with marvellous stateful inspection packet filtering. It's called iptables.

For more info check out

Hope this is of some help.

Kind regards,
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Bernd Reize
Trusted Contributor

Re: IPChains incompatoble with this kernel...

I agree with Nils, you should use iptables, but there is also a possibility to use ipchains with a 2.4 kernel.

you just have to compile your kernel with "ipchains support (2.2 style)"

Kodjo Agbenu
Honored Contributor

Re: IPChains incompatoble with this kernel...


I agree with the other answers, and this is just a precision I would like to add : if you have not re-compiled your Linux kernel since the original install, normally ipchains should be available as a module. Just type modprobe ipchains. Otherwise, compile the kernel as suggested by Bernd.
If you have to do so, don't forget to put this as module (in /usr/src/linux : make config -> networking options -> netfilter configuration -> ipchains <2-2 style> support).

Good luck.


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