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IS IT POSSIBLE for oracle9i?

Deanna Tran
Frequent Advisor

IS IT POSSIBLE for oracle9i?

I could login sqlplus /nolog
and uses connect system/manager as sysdba;
and it would connect to the instance.
However, when I login as sys and uses the password change_on_install, i got the following errors :
ORA-01034: ORACLE not available
ORA-27101: shared memory realm does not exist
HP-UX Error: 2: No such file or directory
Is it possible that i do not have enough memory on my system? or I am missing something?
ps -ef | grep ora
doesn't give me ora_background ?

harry d brown jr
Honored Contributor

Re: IS IT POSSIBLE for oracle9i?

Danny Ramos
Occasional Visitor

Re: IS IT POSSIBLE for oracle9i?

Hi Deanna,

It seems to me that the oracle instance is not yet started. Before you login to the database, please see to it that there are oracle processes running in the system using the "ps -ef | grep ora" command. if no process is running, go to svrmgrl, connect internal and manually startup your database.

Dont worry about your memory, because the second and third errors were just brought about by the preceeding error (i.e. ORA-01034, which can be resolved by simply starting the database). Kindly check, if your parameter file (init.ora) is in the proper location.

If you want your database to be started automatically upon system boot up, create a symbolic link of the dbstartup script to your /etc/init.d directory.

Hope this could help. :-]

Best Regards,
only the best will survive

Re: IS IT POSSIBLE for oracle9i?

Dear Deanna,
It is a message indicating your oracle server is down.
1. $ ps -ef | grep ora
-- to determine the background processes are started

2. $ lsnrctl status
-- to check the listener started

3. login to svrmgrl>

4. svrmgrl>startup

I hope this helps.

Danny Ramos
Occasional Visitor

Re: IS IT POSSIBLE for oracle9i?

Hi deanna,


The directory i was referring on my first
reply is actually /sbin/init.d and not
/etc/init.d. Sorry!

only the best will survive