ITO/VPO agent installation on Linux RH7.3

Ruben Declercq
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ITO/VPO agent installation on Linux RH7.3

Hello all,
for a Linux RedHat 7.3 running by default only sshd, whatG??s the preferred way for installing the agent software (either via GUI, either manually) and what are the prerequisites (what services should be enabled,G??) for this preferred method?
We made several attempts but couldn't make it work till now...
Ruben Declercq
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Re: ITO/VPO agent installation on Linux RH7.3

Additional info:
maybe it's better to clarify this: with installing through the GUI I mean installing the agent software from the managment server, an HP OpenView Vantagepoint A.06.08 running on HPUX in our case.
Kodjo Agbenu
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Re: ITO/VPO agent installation on Linux RH7.3


I'm not ITO/VPO/OVO specialist. However, I can share my experience on the OmniBack product with you.

To be able to remotely install OmniBack using a HP-UX installation server, one needs to temporarily :

* disable "securetty" (just rename /etc/securetty)

* install and enable rexec service ("disable=no" in /etc/xinetd.d/rexec, then restart xinetd).

After installation completes, you can put back the security features.

If you cannot do this because you estimate that it is too much risky, here is my alternate method :

Mount the HP-UX installation CD-ROM, then :

find /mnt/cdrom -print | grep -i gpl

(you can replace "gpl" by "linux").

As a result, the .Z files that contain the software depot is returned.

Gather these files, un-zip and unpack them. With OmniBack, the ".Z" extension is a mistake. In fact, the file names should be "packet.tar.Z.gz" instead of "packet.Z".

Unlike OmniBack, I remember that OVO un-packed files would give "rpm".

Just install the rpm files locally on your Linux box, then you may need to type a command in order to import the Linux box into your OVO database.

Have a look in the OVO documentation, or guess it by looking at the binary files and man pages located in /opt/OV/bin and /opt/OV/man on your Linux box.

Good luck.

Learn and explain...
James Chernikov
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Re: ITO/VPO agent installation on Linux RH7.3

I talked to HP support regarding this and the have stated that Linux 7.3 agent is currently not supported by Operations 7.X. The latest supported agent is for Linux 7.1 I have tested 7.1 agent and it worked fine as long as you have all prerequisites installed (refer Admin II manual)
Goran Koruga
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Re: ITO/VPO agent installation on Linux RH7.3


If you really have VPO release (A.06.xx), then use A.06.11 agent patch. It supports RedHat 7.3.

You'll have to wait for next Linux agent patch for A.07.xx release.