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ITRC Forum's first All-Star winner is Alan Riggs!

Shayne Wagley_2
Frequent Contributor

ITRC Forum's first All-Star winner is Alan Riggs!

Hello everyone,

On behalf of the IT Resource Center team, I would like to congratulate Alan
Riggs! He has been selected as the IT Resource Center Forums All-Star for the
month of October. The contest began when the Forums went live on October 16,
1999 and continued until the end of October. Alan was chosen as the Forums
All-Star because of his active participation and his willingness to share his
knowledge and experience with his peers. Alan has provided in-depth responses
and has addressed more than five HP-UX questions in the last few weeks of
October alone.

The team at Hewlett-Packard would like to recognize Alan's efforts by awarding
him: a C200 Digital Camera, an IT Resource Center promotional kit,
Hewlett-Packard apparel, along with his name posted to the Forums All-Stars

Alan works for a company called Sensormatic Electronics as a Systems
Administrator. Sensormatic manufactures various types of security systems. Alan
has administered HP systems for two years, though he has previous experience as
a user/programmer. He works on exclusively HP-UX 10.20. He has also built and
maintained HP-UX 11.00 systems and supported HP-UX 9.0X for his previous

In the near future, you will see a star next to Alan's name attached to each of
the messages he contributes. He and all future All-Star winners will have this
feature soon. The star identifies Alan, and others like him, as an All-Star as
they have made significant contributions to the IT Resource Center Forums

Who will be the All-Star for November? You could be the next person to win a
digital camera and ITRC promotional items and like Alan get a star next to your
name when you post to the forum. HP will be looking for someone like Alan who
contributes quality and quantity to the ITRC Forums. Good luck and have fun!

Thank you Alan for your participation!

Best regards,

Shayne Wagley
Forum Administrator
Hewlett-Packard Company