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If anybody can clarify it is highly appreciated

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If anybody can clarify it is highly appreciated

Will any gentelmen please clarify the following and help me with the links where i
can get relevant information:

1. Are there any RPM (Remote Package Managers) packages available in HP-UX
11 Servers?
2. What are the package deployment tools available for HP-UX 11 for
distribution to Linux PCs?
3. What are the OS deployment tools available for HP UX-11 for distribution
to Linux PCs?
4. Can these tools support Windows NT mass deployments as well from the HP
UX distribution point?
5. Can these tools catpure and manage HW/SW inventory of Linux and Windows
6. What are the preferred methods as suggested by HP for these kinds of
Ian Hillier
Frequent Advisor

Re: If anybody can clarify it is highly appreciated

A couple of these I can answer...

1. It's actually RedHat Package Manager and they are, up to this point, a linux only convention.
2. I'm not aware of any specifically.
3. You could export by NFS a directory that had the linux setup on it and boot your linux box with a floppy that was configured to look at that mountpoint for setup.
4. Not that I'm aware of.
5. Openview?
6. Openview?

It seems to me that you're looking for a silver bullet here - and I'm not sure you're going to find something to do ALL of this.