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If interested with ! a poll survey directly inspired from Microsoft

Ph Vouters
Valued Contributor

If interested with ! a poll survey directly inspired from Microsoft

Dear everyone,


I wanted to get some feedbacks on the knowledge I propose on my Web site. I wanted to avoid a blog and its difficult to guess Chaptcha. I also wanted to avoid HP's way for this forum and its popup window which always comes too early when undesired. I noticed one technical Web document from Microsoft I was looking after which gave me the envy to provide feedback. So my Web document to satisfy my wish is largely inspired from this Microsoft experience.


You may view the result at


All the pure HTML but the JavaScript code has been copied and adapted from the Microsoft URL link I mention in my Web document. The JavaScript and PHP codes has been created from scratch.


This way I do neither think I am agressive like the HP popup for this forum which comes too early when unwanted, nor I bother the Web visitor with a difficult to guess Chaptcha, nor I have to perform a police work to discard any Web spamming.


If this post inspires some of you, I shall be glad.

Note that this is my very personal sense of good. It may not be well fitted to all stuations.