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Ignite-UX Recovery Problem

Hyunchul Lee_1
Occasional Contributor

Ignite-UX Recovery Problem


I will ask you question of Ignite-UX.
We have 16th HP-UX servers.(K Class, T Class,
rp series...)

We will backup the K Class System by Ignite-
UX. (HP-UX 11.11 64-bit)
And then, will restore the tape into rp7410 systems.

Our HP SE recommand that Ignite-UX recovery will successful in same models. (K Class ->
K Class)

but different model will not successful recovery. (K Class -> rp7410 or rp7410 ->
K Class)

I think that ignite-UX Recovery does not
considered with models.

So, Please reply for above question.

Best Regards,
Bill Hassell
Honored Contributor

Re: Ignite-UX Recovery Problem

The advice from HP is very good. The K-class is a very different machine than the rp-class computers. None of the I/O cards are compatible and many of the drivers will not be present in the K-class that are needed in the rp-class. The latest version of Ignite/UX will do a better job in working across different computer models but there will still be a number of complex problems to solve. There may be some serious patch problems that will prevent the rp7410 from running properly.

The best solution would be to cold-install the rp-class machines with the latest version of HP-UX, add all the pacthes and then move the applications over to the rp machines.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin
Michael Tully
Honored Contributor

Re: Ignite-UX Recovery Problem

Whilst the latest ignite version does allow you to create a ghost from another type (class) of system, in this case I would not do this. For starters, the hardware, drivers and many of the system patches will be different. I would contemplate a fresh install and if intend to use the same disk array (that contains your data) you could do an export/import to the new server. The latest ignite can be downloaded from here, should you wish to use it.
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