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Image Developers Kit (ilEFSOpen) fails on JPG size

Rod White
Frequent Advisor

Image Developers Kit (ilEFSOpen) fails on JPG size

Hi, I'm running HP-UX 11.11 and have sucessfully installed and compiled the Image Developers Kit examples (scale and rotate).

The software is ImagingDevKit B.11.11.02

When I run the scale or rotate on small jpg's such as 1477KB and below they work fine but when I run them on a larger (or perhaps newer file) the ilEFSOpen() call fails to open the file.

I've tried IL_EFS_BY_TYPE_NAME, IL_EFS_BY_CHECKING and IF_ELS_READ_SEARCH methods. Each method returns the same result. File not opened.

Has anyone got an idea as to whether it is the size of the file (3MB or more) or the version of the jpg ? mentions that the JPG version supported is 8R8. But since I'm not very experienced with image formats I don't know how to check this.

Any pointer would be appreciated.

What I'm trying to achieve is a two stage reduction in image size. People are going to send me images for a local sporting clubs web site i'm writing. I wan't to reduce the image to a reasonable "viewable" size before posting onto the web site. I also want to reduce the image to a thumbnail size so I can visually tabulate them. I've hacked the scale.c program to output the file (except for the larger ones) however if there is a better shell method of doing this then please point me in that direction.


Rod White