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Imation SuperDisk Drive

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Imation SuperDisk Drive

Recently I have been experiencing problems when booting up my HP Pavilion 6328.
I have a SuperDisk Drive attached on LPT1. Over the past couple of weeks, on
many occasions, I have only been able to boot up in safe mode. I now find that
the device manager is showing that two drives are present. If I remove one of
them before closing down, I am able to boot up without any trouble. Can anyone
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Re: Imation SuperDisk Drive

I believe you have posted this question on the wrong type of forum. This forum
is meant for Mass Storage for Enterprise Systems.

It sounds like the drive has the wrong driver, or the driver wasn't installed
correctly. Try uninstalling the device, reboot a few times, then reinstall.

Lastly, check to make sure you have the latest BIOS installed on your pavilion.
See the following link.

Good Luck!