Info on my experience with Omnibook 6000 and Linux

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Info on my experience with Omnibook 6000 and Linux

I have installed Windows2000 Professional and Linux on my portable.
Using the info on that previous link, I was able to use my NIC and Sound Card. I have no problems with the videocard either.

About the sound card : it is a time stamped version. You have to type soundon to activate it, but after a few hours the driver stops. You then have to type soundoff, soundon to re-enable it. However the amount of time you can use the driver will have decreased by 20 minutes. After a while you will no longer be able to use the driver. (That was what I read from the README)

So, sound works (played mp3's already) but time stamped, unless you buy the driver.
HP ? No license by any chance ?

I think this is an answer to all those who think about installing Linux on the Omnibook 6000. RedHat 6.2 is running just fine on it and I will soon install/upgrade to RedHat 7.0 which, as I've read has even better support for the apmd calls. It already works fine though. I have a monitor for the battery under linux which works just fine.

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Re: Info on my experience with Omnibook 6000 and Linux

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