Information Needed.

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Information Needed.

Good Morning,
I have two un-urgent questions and was wondering if someone could supply me with some help.

When I issue 'swlist -l fileset -a state | grep -i installed', I have some filesets in the installed state. The reason I ask this is because I am having some problems with openmail hanging since a recent openmail patch install.

1) Is it normal to see filesets that are in the installed state?

2) How can I tell when these were loaded and if they are needed?

Thanks in advance,
Bob Menefee
Kodjo Agbenu
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Re: Information Needed.

Hello Bob,

Just to remind you that this forum is normally dedicated to Linux.

2) Most system engineers say : "never touch a system that runs perfectly". Therefore, if patches were installed on your server, there might be for a good reason.
You can go to the /var/adm/sw/swagent.log file to see the sofware (and patch) install history. There, you will also have all patch names.

1) All filesets must be in "configured" state. If not, it means that some steps failed during install.
Therefore, in order to repair the install, you have to do :

swconfig \*

If OpenMail still fails after this, you need to re-install the relevant patches.

Good luck.

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