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Informix 732 and 731 on hpux 11.11

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Paul Brear_1

Informix 732 and 731 on hpux 11.11

Guys ,
I have an issue where i have moved servers and reinstalled informix 73x on the new server.
When we go to start the database server we get the error in online.log :
Exception Recursion while handling: MT_EX_OS, Context: mem
09:17:38 PANIC: Attempting to bring system down
09:17:38 mt_shm_remove: WARNING: may not have removed all/correct segments

I have checked all of the SHared mem settings against the old server and all are equal if not larger.
We can get the IDS to start if we reduce the BUFFERS in onconfig. ( set to 10000 from 20000)
anything higher than 10000 gets the error.

ANy ideas ? shared meme works ok as it does start. The old server is set to BUFFERS=20000 with 4Gb physical mem.
The new server is on a rp7420 with 6Gb in a vpar.

Steve Steel
Honored Contributor

Re: Informix 732 and 731 on hpux 11.11


may help

Steve Steel
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Rainer von Bongartz
Honored Contributor

Re: Informix 732 and 731 on hpux 11.11

do you have any trace files in your DUMPDIR ??

If so, please post them.

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Steve Lewis
Honored Contributor

Re: Informix 732 and 731 on hpux 11.11

Check shmmax in the kernel that your vpar is actively running. Make sure that it is over 40Mb.
20Mb = 10000 BUFFERS x 2kb per buffer
40Mb = 20000 BUFFERS x 2kb.

To do this, as root, type
kmtune -q shmmax

Do not trust the contents of your system file in case the new kernel has not been properly built or booted.

Ours shows this:
[root]dev:/> kmtune -q shmmax
Parameter Value
shmmax 4294967296

Paul Brear_1

Re: Informix 732 and 731 on hpux 11.11

Thankyou Mr Lewis.!
my shmmax was a zero or two short in its value. Ours also was at 4294967296 but was
42949672 which i took as 40Mb but was a few short.

Thanks again Steve.