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Informix 9.40 HC7 - "Network Connection is Broken"

Occasional Contributor

Informix 9.40 HC7 - "Network Connection is Broken"

Dear all,

Currently I am dealing with a ... kid of bizarre problem ... From times to times when i try to do a query through dbaccess i get a "25582 sql error: Network connection is broken". If i try to redo the query then I
am getting a "349 error:Database not selected". The strange thing is that i get this errors both when i try to query the db from the node the db is running or from other servers in the cluster.
Moreover after investigation a bit on the net i have found out that other ppl had similar problems in the past, but they had as well some output in the online.log, like "listener-thread: err = -25582: oserr = 9: errstr = : Network connection is broken. "; Unfortunately this is not my case, so to my understanding only the clients face the problem when trying to connect to the db (even if they are executed from the same node the db runs). I have also checked the ouput from netstat, lanadmin statistics, syslog.log etc etc.. but cannot find anything useful. To close up what with one more observation, when a dbaccess session dies at the very same time i can see with netstat that the socket connection state is in TIME_WAIT, which to my understanding means that client & server have ended the connection gracefully.

Thats all .... (that was long). If anybody has any idea to what direction to look after I 'd be grateful : )

Cheers Alex
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: Informix 9.40 HC7 - "Network Connection is Broken"

Shalom Alex,

Even when accessed from the node the database is running on, a listener is required to handle the connection and then request the data and return it.

From general database experience, this may be a configuration problem with the listener, or the network configuration its trying to use.

It could also be a bug.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
Occasional Contributor

Re: Informix 9.40 HC7 - "Network Connection is Broken"

Hi Seven,

If it was a listener issue, then i should see some erroneous output in the online.log shouldn' t I? Since there is nothing in there I assume that the db server "does not face" any networks issues to "cry out" for. In addition regarding the configuration issue, the db has been up and running for a couple of months now without any problem so I did not focus my research on that way. Now that you ve mentioned it however I am going to re-examine the onconfig parameters (although from the first quick look i didn't see anything mis configured ).

Cheers Alex :)
patrik rybar_1
Frequent Advisor

Re: Informix 9.40 HC7 - "Network Connection is Broken"

Hi Alex,

just check if this is not caused by bug or permissions problems like here:

You will get an server "Assert Failure" and a following server PANIC
when using the SPECIFIC qualifier and a specific routine name with
the SQL permissions statement 'grant execute on udr' if it also
specifies 'with grant option'.

Here is an example of a statement which will cause the problem:

grant execute on specific function t1_udr to usr2 with grant option;

This will display the following error to the user:

25582: Network connection is broken.

Bad file number
Error in line 1
Near character position 15

There is a workaround for this problem. If you don't use the SPECIFIC
qualifier and the specific name, you don't see the problem:

grant execute on function t1 to usr2 with grant option;
Permission granted.
Occasional Contributor

Re: Informix 9.40 HC7 - "Network Connection is Broken"

Hi Patric,

I didn't know about the specific bug. However most of the times i get the error just by opening a dbaccess session to the server and trying to set the isolation to dirty read. So i assume that this is not the case.

Ty anyway for the info (I ll have that in mind when developing : ))

Cheers Alex
Jonathan Fife
Honored Contributor

Re: Informix 9.40 HC7 - "Network Connection is Broken"

Check out this usenet thread -- it suggests applying the latest cumulative ARPA Transport patch.
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