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Informix Database Recovery

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Informix Database Recovery

I have done a warm restore of a particular database using the "ontape" command eg. "ontape -r -D dts_dbs" without restoring the archive logs.

After recovering, I am still unable to access the database. When I do a onstat -d , I notice the flag is showing the chunk as "PI-" , it showing the database is inconsistent.

Appreciate if there is anyone that could help me as I need to bring up the database urgently.


Ricky B. Nino
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Re: Informix Database Recovery

Hi Jason,

INFORMIX warm restore involves 2 required steps. Physical and Logical Restores. Meaning, you MUST perform both before the dbspace will be brought on-line and available for use.

The Physical Restore consists of restoring pages from level-0 up to level-n archive of a given DB.

While, Logical Restore uses logs backed up after the level-n archive.

Before you begin the restore, it is strongly recommended that you back up the logical logs so that the logical restore will read all necessary transactions from tape.

Warm restores are NOT possible if you do not back up the logical logs.

hope this help...
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