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Informix and kerberos

Juan González
Trusted Contributor

Informix and kerberos

Hi all,
we are trying to integrate HP-UX users with Windows2000. To do that we are using PAM-Kerberos, we can login into HP-UX with W2K users but the problem is that we cannot get Informix work with these users. It seems that Informix hasn't been using PAM to authenticate users.
There's one solution: we can configure the W2K domain controllers as a NIS servers and configure HP-UX to be a NIS client, but this solution isn't enough for us because our plataform is too big with a lot of domain controllers and OUs.
I've heared about CSS/CSM that could support kerberos and other third party authentications but I haven't find any documentation about it, just a little reference in the IDS administrator guide. Do you know where i can find more information about this, even CSS API?

Has anyone suffered the same problem? Do you have any workaround?

Best regards,
Juan Gonzalez