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Informix ontape automation with an autochanger

Records Management
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Informix ontape automation with an autochanger

We have always been able to backup out Informix databases to a single tape using ontape. But, db growth is outrunning the tape capacity. So, we have looked at adding an Ultrium autochanger. But, then we have to control the autochanger. The number of remote sites prevents us from using Data Protector at this time.

Does anyone have a piece of code that they would be willing to share that would handle this? I'm sure someone has already run into this. I'm not so concerned about the handling of the autochanger, but rather the detection of the ontape utility asking for the next tape. But, any and all examples will help a great deal.


Steve Lewis
Honored Contributor

Re: Informix ontape automation with an autochanger

Well the approved method is to ditch ontape altogether and use onbar with media management software, like Netbackup, Tivoli, HP-OV-current-name etc.

To carry on using ontape, I suggest you look at the site and the utility for ontape logical log backups to disk. You should be able to modify this for level 0s to tape and replace the file rename bit with a tape move using the HP-UX command mc

man mc

mc -p /dev/changer -s D1 -d S1
mc -p /dev/changer -s S2 -d D1

Those commands move the tape in drive 1 to slot 1, then the tape in slot 2 to drive 1, changing the tape.

You may have to create your own device file /dev/changer using the schgr driver, otherwise just to an insf on the changer device and use the /dev/rscsi device that ioscan -fn will indicate.

What this utility will not do is to keep a log of which tapes were used on which day, which a proper silo and barcode reader with Netbackup/Tivoli etc will do for you.