Inject/modify files to iso image in Linux

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Reiner  Rottmann
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Inject/modify files to iso image in Linux

Is there a way to inject files in a bootable ISO in Linux? Or any way to edit the files?

I know that an ISO image may be loop-mounted and I can copy and modify the data.

However I have to create a new iso with mkisofs and this takes some time, requires much more space and maybe the resulting iso is not bootable anymore.

Any ideas?

Lucifer Megacruel
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Re: Inject/modify files to iso image in Linux

Hi Reiner,
You might want to take a look at this thread: . It will boot properly if you install the boot loader properly. The thread is more or less about mounting as loop back and then fixing it:). It works however for the most part :).you test with something like qemu .

There are some tools in windows that i am aware of like winimage, ultraiso etc , you can try to running them using wine :). But i would not bet on them to work :). But these windows program also extracts them in background, so you actually do not see it. So anyway its going to take more space :). The iso9660 file system is read only by default :)


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Reiner  Rottmann
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Re: Inject/modify files to iso image in Linux

Tnx. I had those tools in mind. Some years ago I think I had tested them with wine and they did not work.

But your manual solution still remains a valid option.
dirk dierickx
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Re: Inject/modify files to iso image in Linux

if it is an option, i would put the files from the iso file on a USB stick, much more flexible and portable even.

the files on this usb stick you could adjust to your hearts content.

any HW, even from several years ago, is able to boot from USB.