Install Linux on Sun Ultra 10

Amit Mehra_1
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Install Linux on Sun Ultra 10


I have few questions to the linux users who have worked on Sun Ultra 10 and would appreciate their response.

I have a Sun Ultra10 workstation(UltraSPARC-IIi 300MHz, 256 MB RAM) and plan
to port a HPUX 10.20 based system on this machine using Linux. My questions are:
1. Is this possible?
2.What Linux distro should I use?
3.Which is the best known Linux supported on Sun Ultra machines?
4.Is Sun Ultra support available on the internet?
5. How far this Ultra system is better then a Intel system?

Shall much appreciate your help.

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John Meissner
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Re: Install Linux on Sun Ultra 10

mandrake makes a version of linux called PARisc linux. This, to the best of my knowlege, is the only Linux distribution that will run on PA Risc based processor.

you can find it and learn more about it here:
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Stuart Browne
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Re: Install Linux on Sun Ultra 10

Great answer john but to who's question?

Amit, just wondering, why are you asking a question about supported OS' for a Sparcie (Sun SPARC) in a HP forum?

In any case, most distributions have a Sparc release, see for a pretty decent list of version details.
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