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Install Oracle 10gR2 in HP-UX 11iV2 March 2006

Christian Chan
Occasional Visitor

Install Oracle 10gR2 in HP-UX 11iV2 March 2006

Hi, i need to install Oracle 10gR2 in a Itanium server with HP-UX 11iV2 CD March 2006, which one know some documentation with pre-requisites to do that installation.

I need to know exactly what HP-UX patches are required...?

Frequent Advisor

Re: Install Oracle 10gR2 in HP-UX 11iV2 March 2006

If you have the CD-ROM or have downloaded the 10g software you should have the install documentation on the first CD-ROM. It's usually in a folder docs/unixdocs.
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Re: Install Oracle 10gR2 in HP-UX 11iV2 March 2006

hi christian,

one easy way to determine the exact patch requirements and kernel side tunings is to download and run the Oracle "Validate" script from metalink.

The Pre-Install checks will include the following verifications:
* User in /etc/passwd?
* Got EXTJOB User?
* OS certified?
* Group in /etc/group?
* ORACLE_HOME valid?
* O_H perms OK?
* Umask set to 022?
* SHLIB_PATH unset?
* Other O_Hs in PATH?
* oraInventory perms
* /tmp adequate?
* Swap (in Mb)
* RAM (in Mb)
* SwapToRAM OK?
* Disk Space OK?
* Kernel params OK?
* Links and libs OK?
* Got ld,nm,ar,make?
* ulimits OK?
* Got OS packages?
* Got OS patches?
* Other OUI up?
for more information, please also see metalink note: 334563.1

hope this helps!

kind regards
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Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: Install Oracle 10gR2 in HP-UX 11iV2 March 2006


The Oracle website lists no OS patches for 11.23 at all for version 9.2.0

That is quite unsusual.

As a precation on a server I prepared for installation I did the following:

1) Installed the March 2006 Quarterly which includes QPK and patches not on the OS DVD
2) Installed the June 2006 Bundle and HWE patch set.
3) Ran security_patch_check and installed patches associated with that.

Now for 10.2

o BUNDLE11i B.11.23.0409.3: Patch Bundle for HP-UX 11i V2
Note: You must have the August 2004 version of BUNDLE11i B.11.23.0408.1 for HP-UX 11i v2 on your system prior to updating to the HP-UX 11i v2 September 2004 or later release.
o PHCO_32426
o PHKL_32646
o PHKL_32632 s/b PHKL_33656 s/b PHKL_33807
o PHKL_32645
o PHKL_33552 s/b PHKL_33563
o PHSS_31850 s/b PHSS_34040
o PHSS_31851 s/b PHSS_34043
o PHSS_31854 s/b PHSS_33357 s/b PHSS_34045
o PHSS_31855 s/b PHSS_33350 s/b PHSS_34041
o PHSS_33275 s/b PHSS_33349 s/b PHSS_34040
o PHSS_33276 s/b PHSS_34042

For PL/SQL native compilation and installation of Pro*C/C++, Oracle Call Interface, Oracle C++ Call Interface, or Oracle XML Developer's Kit (XDK) , the following patches are required:
o PHSS_33278
o PHSS_33277

The following JDK patches:
o PHCO_31553 s/b PHCO_33675
o PHKL_31500
o PHSS_32213 s/b PHSS_32502 s/b PHSS_34201
Note: Refer to the following Web site for information about additional patches that may be required by JDK 1.4.2:

Java Patches:

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
Bryan Lam
Occasional Advisor

Re: Install Oracle 10gR2 in HP-UX 11iV2 March 2006

This link has all of the installation documents as well as user and admin guides, etc. My only suggestion is to not use the "Quick installation..." guides.

Christian Chan
Occasional Visitor

Re: Install Oracle 10gR2 in HP-UX 11iV2 March 2006

Thanks guys, i'm reading all that information, then proceed to install. So thanks.