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Install RH9 in Proliant ML330 G2

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Miguel Lagos_1
Occasional Contributor

Install RH9 in Proliant ML330 G2

I want to install RH9 in Proliant ML330 G2


- Integrated Ata Raid Controller

- Two IDE Hard Disks RAID 1 (both master)

- IDE CD-ROM to IDE Controller as master.

Problem: RH9 boots from the CD but after loading the kernel appears the message:
"The Red Hat CD was not found in any of your CDROM drives. Please insert the Red Hat Linux CD and press OK to retry."

I tried "boot: linux hde=cdrom", but it doesn't work.

The CD is good (I tested it in another computer).

Please help me!!!

Miguel Lagos

Vitaly Karasik_1
Honored Contributor

Re: Install RH9 in Proliant ML330 G2


RHL 9 has some kernel bug, so installation from CD is a problem on many servers.

RHL 9 isn't sertificied for servers, I suggest to use RHEL 2.1.


for more

PS: of course, you can use install from harddisk/ftp/nfs
Stuart Browne
Honored Contributor

Re: Install RH9 in Proliant ML330 G2

RH8 should work, with the updated drivers from HP.

I agree with Vitaly about the issues using RH9. CDROM drivers are screwy, and not all of the drivers are supported.
One long-haired git at your service...

Re: Install RH9 in Proliant ML330 G2


Hp has developed a fix for the broken installation process that affects at
least the following list of ProLiant servers:

The fix is in the form of a boot floppy that is used in conjunction
with the installation CD.

The readme and floppy images are available externally here:

The RH9 installation boots but prompts for the location of the installation files and cannot locate them on the CD media.

This is a bug in the ide driver that affects CD-ROM access in the installation kernel only.
After the installation is complete, the
installed kernel does not contain the bug and functions correctly.

IMPORTANT NOTE: even if Hp has provided
the fix, RH 9 is not certified (by Hp) with ProLiants server: check at

RedHat has been given the fix to insure that AS 3.0 (based on RH9) won't have
this issue.

- dd the image to a floppy:
dd bs=36b < bootdisk.img > /dev/fd0

- Boot the server and enter the ROM based setup (F9), select the
Boot Order (IPL)" entry and select the floppy as the first boot device

- Insert both the boot floppy and the RedHat CD #1 and boot the system



PS: vote please... ;-)
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Miguel Lagos_1
Occasional Contributor

Re: Install RH9 in Proliant ML330 G2

Thank you guys, I'll try RH8, I don??t have the money to buy RHAS (and RH8 it's free to download).

Yes I can intall from HD RH9, but I didn't find a driver for the megaraid IDE controller for RH9, but there is one for RH8 here:

Maybe it works with RH9, but I don??t know how many problems I can find later.

Agree with you guys RH8 it's the right way.

Thank you again.