Install RHEL5 on BL460c no gui?


Install RHEL5 on BL460c no gui?


I'm new to blades and installing linux on blades.

A few weeks ago we installed RHEL 4 on a BL460c and everything looked good. When I started the Integrated Remote Console in iLO I would get the standard blue linux graphical login screen and then be able to log in.

We recently got rid of that and tried RHEL 5 and graphically things don't look good. We don't get the login screen, but rather a black flashing screen. It looks like X is trying to start, but doesn't succeed. When it finally fails and I've tried running startx it starts up twm instead of gnome.

Any idea of why this is or how I can fix it?



Steven E. Protter
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Re: Install RHEL5 on BL460c no gui?

Shalom Chris,

Both releases have install text options and will install without a gui.

Steven E Protter
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Robert Walker_8
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Re: Install RHEL5 on BL460c no gui?

Gday Chris,

On RHEL5 re-run system-config-display set the hardware device type to generic CRT probably 800x600 or 1024x768 depending on any KVMs etc.

The system may have autoconfigured the incorrect device type - it happens with us on kickstart builds.

With RHEL4 we had a similar problem with fonts - turned out xfs service wasnt started.

Other usuals are networking, DNS name and host name not matching can do it or no network at all.