Installation Issue on Visualize C3600

Andrew Kaplan
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Installation Issue on Visualize C3600

Hi there --

I am trying to install Debian 3.0 and have encountered the following problem. After interrupting the boot process and specifying the CD-ROM as the boot source, the workstation appears to display a core dump onscreen. Once that occurs, the only option is for me to power off the system. Has anyone seen this, and know how to get around it? Thanks.
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Steven E. Protter
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Re: Installation Issue on Visualize C3600

Possible causes:

1) Bad media, try another cd
2) Bad cd-rom drive or connector(correct)
3) Inappropriate media, ie i386 media in a pa-risc system or vice versa.
4) Other hardware issues, such as bad memory and cpu.

It would be helpful to know if it has an os on it and does that os work. Also what the OS is.

Steven E Protter
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Johannes Krackowizer_1
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Re: Installation Issue on Visualize C3600

hi andrew,

the c3600 is a pa-risc workstation so you need the pa-risc iso images you can not boot from a i386 or any other iso image.

did you check the checksums (md5)? are the downloads correct?

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