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Installation of Oracle 8i on cluster


Installation of Oracle 8i on cluster

Dear Forum Memebers,
I have two nodes of HP R380 servers and 12H autoraid box in between configured to work as cluster.
McServiceguard 11.08 is the clustering software used with HP-UX 11.0. Now I require

a. Where should I load my Oracle8i software Enterprise version 8.1.7 in raid or in nodes?

b. I am not having the OPS edition.

c. What is the suggested cluster configuration when oracle is installed to have the high availability even if the primary node fails?

Any suggestion is welcome.

Animesh Chakraborty
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Re: Installation of Oracle 8i on cluster

Normally we install oracle on local file system
on both the nodes.
More discussion available here,,0x81d55a3e6e0bd6118ff40090279cd0f9,00.html

Did you take a backup?

Re: Installation of Oracle 8i on cluster

You install Oracle binaries on each node in the cluster, and have the actual dbase on the shared vg(s).
This way you can do up[grades of Oracle on one node while the other node is still running your dbase.
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Re: Installation of Oracle 8i on cluster

if oracle is to be installed on nodes, then,
1. will the same database on the shared disk canbe connected to the primary and standby instances without OPS.( ie., one instance at a time )

2. How the recovery of the database is possible in case of failure of one instance as the logfiles are specific to instances?

Some more details on these can be useful to me.

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Re: Installation of Oracle 8i on cluster

Dir sir,
you can install the oracle binneries on the nodes not on the raid,
then you can link the table spaces names from the local node to the shared disk
your shared disk configuration must be raw devices i.e. logical volumes,
and form good performance you can create the logical volumes with the -D option for distrebution of load on the device files.
for recovary perpus you can configure packages for oracle that when a package failes on one node the other takes place immediate. you can know about packages more from the cluster manuals you have.
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Ryan Kogelheide
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Re: Installation of Oracle 8i on cluster


We have both OPS and exclusive databases installed on our cluster. For the exclusive databases, you "vgchange -c n vg" and set up a package that activates the vg and starts the database just like an OPS package, but with failover.

When the first node fails, the other node should activate the vg and start the db, and Oracle should recover automatically.

If you want more info, let me know and I can forward our package file...

Good luck,


Re: Installation of Oracle 8i on cluster

Dear Ryan,
I will be thankful if you can sent your package configuration file for oracle exclusive instances and along with init.ora