Installing Linux Redhat 6.0/6.1 on HP Netserver E60

Izauddin Mohd Isa
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Installing Linux Redhat 6.0/6.1 on HP Netserver E60


Is there anyone has try to install Redhat 6.0/6.1
on a HP Netserver E60, and has installed sucessfully ?

The problem that I encounter is that because of the
embedded NIC. Basically RedHat detected the network
card, but complained that the PCI BIOS did not enable
it and override the BIOS setting and assign it own
IRQ, and doing all the test on the card and it passed.
When booting linux can bring the interface up and
the server able to ping itself, either locally on or on the assign IP address.

But when I try to ping other node on the network, it failed. The server and the
network is in the same
subnet. When I check, I realised that both led on
the E60 network port did not light up, even though
the linux driver has configured it.

From the BIOS setup screen, the setup is factory default, the NIC is enable and
the assign IRQ is auto.
When running the supplied HP Diag Tools program, the
Diag tools did not detect the NIC. When running Intel
Diag tools on MSDOS and the server attached to the network, the Intel Diag
tools detected the NIC but
stated that the NIC did not attached to any network
coz, it cannot detected the network speed.

Even when using the HP/Intel Diag tools, the lights
at the NIC port did not lighted up. Both diag tools
is running on MSDOS. Is anybody already do this on
E60 and get it right ?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Any way both E60 that
I try to install linux redhat have the same problem.
And both machine is very brand new.

Try to contact HP Response Center in Malaysia did not
help much, and the CPO support at Singapore is either
did not know any thing about the product or linux
and rude, considering that HP Support Service used to
be the best.

ex HP
Patrick Watts_1
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Re: Installing Linux Redhat 6.0/6.1 on HP Netserver E60


Your E60 will most probably have an embedded 10/100 NIC D5013B using the
Intel 82559 chip. This nic should have no problems working with the Ethernet
Express Pro100 driver module that comes with Redhat 6.0/6.1. Ensure that you
have the BIOS "PnP OS" option disabled. Also ensure that the card is
autonegotiating correctly with your switch. Be sure that you have the latest
HP Diags tools.
Has some good info on troubleshooting eepro100 driver issue.
Tim Prince_1
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Re: Installing Linux Redhat 6.0/6.1 on HP Netserver E60

If you are going to use HP support for a linux problem on HP hardware, call or
e-mail the linux support organization in the USA. They have helpful
knowledgeable people. If there is an answer, I think they will help you, if
you are entitled to support.
Steck Herb
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Re: Installing Linux Redhat 6.0/6.1 on HP Netserver E60

It sounds like the card is not getting a connection to you hub/switch. If your
LED's do not light up during the diag software and you are not able to ping
from an outside machine, I would check the cables and connections. One might
be loose or a end on a cable could be bad.