Installing Linux & WXP on hpcompaq d530 / sound issues

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Marc Buigues
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Installing Linux & WXP on hpcompaq d530 / sound issues

Hi! I own a hp compaq d530 CMT and I have quick restore and a restore cd (with WXP) and I want to install both OS. I know how to do it with a clean install of Windows XP, leaving a partition free, but with restore cd, I think it removes all my partitions and makes only one, NTFS, for Windows. How can I install Linux on that case. I would like to try new Suse Linux 9 when it comes out to start on Linux world (i'm still a newbie, just tried it on several occasions).
Also, I tried a Suse Live CD (bootable Linux - no need to install) and I had problems with sound, my PC didn't played any Audio CD (didn't try any .wav or .mp3 because I didn't find any...).
Thank you!
Alexander Chuzhoy
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Re: Installing Linux & WXP on hpcompaq d530 / sound issues

If you don't want to install your XP without restore CD ,something that will let you choose the size of partition for Windows XP to consume, then you can use the Partition Magic utility which can resize partitions. Reduce the size of existing partition and leave enough free space for Linux.
I believe that you won't have sound problem if you'll do "the old fashion" installation.
remember to include the sound/multimedia in your setup.
Probably the "no need to install" distribution of yours doesn't have such module or the driver for your sound card.