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Installing Lynx Browser

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Installing Lynx Browser

I have installed Lynx browser in my HPUX box and wonder how to use it on my terminal. please Guide me!!!
Patrick Wallek
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Re: Installing Lynx Browser

Since you didn't mention the version of Lynx installed, here are links to help files and user guides for the latest stable version:

The Lynx Help Page:

The version first link on the above page is the "Lynx Users Guide" which should help you.
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Re: Installing Lynx Browser

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Re: Installing Lynx Browser

The Version is 2.8.7, can u please tell me the commands that is need to execute, rather weblinks; so that i can user the Lynx browser.
Thank you.
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Re: Installing Lynx Browser

I found something, after installing ncurses 5.7 and lynx 2.8.7..i did SWLIST and found below

# swlist
# Initializing...
# Contacting target ""...
# Target:

# Bundle(s):

B6848BA Ximian GNOME 1.4 GTK+ Libraries for HP-UX
B6849AA B.02.01.02 Bastille Security Hardening Tool
B9002AA B. Flash Plugin 6.0
B9007AA C.11.23.14 HP C/aC++ Developer's Bundle
B9073BA B. HP-UX iCOD Instant Capacity (iCAP)
B9901AA A.03.05.12 HP IPFilter 3.5alpha5
BUNDLE11i B.11.23.0409.3 Required Patch Bundle for HP-UX 11i v2 (B.11.23), September 2004
Base-VXFS 4.1.002 VERITAS File System Bundle 4.1 for HP-UX
Base-VXVM B.04.10.011 Base VERITAS Volume Manager Bundle 4.1 for HP-UX
CDE-English B.11.23.0409 English CDE Environment
CommonIO B. CommonIO
DSAUtilities C.01.00.03 HP-UX Distributed Systems Administration Utilities
EnableVxFS B.11.23.07 File-System library, commands enhancements for VxFS4.1 and 5.0
FDDI-00 B.11.23.01 PCI FDDI;Supptd HW=A3739B;SW=J3626AA
FEATURE11i B.11.23.0712.070 Feature Enablement Patches for HP-UX 11i v2, December 2007
FIREFOX A. Firefox for HP-UX
FIREFOXsrc Firefox Source distribution
FibrChanl-00 B.11.23.0512 PCI FibreChannel;Supptd HW=A6795A,A5158A
FibrChanl-01 B.11.23.06 FibrChnl;SupptdHW=A6826A,A9782A,A9784A,AB378A,AB379A,AB465A,AD193A,AD194A,AD300A
GTK GTK+ 2.6 The Gnome GUI Runtime Toolkit
GTKsrc Gtk Source distribution
GigEther-00 B.11.23.0512 PCI GigEther;Supptd HW=A4926A/A4929A/A6096A;SW=J1642AA
GigEther-01 B.11.23.0609 PCI GigEther;Supptd HW=A6825A/A6794A/A6847A/A8685A/A9782A/A9784A/A7109A/AB465A
HPUX11i-OE-MC B.11.23.0609 HP-UX Mission Critical Operating Environment Component
HPUXBaseAux B.11.23.0609 HP-UX Base OS Auxiliary
HPUXBaseOS B.11.23 HP-UX Base OS
HPVM-Guest A.04.00 Integrity VM Guest
HWEnable11i B.11.23.0712.070 Hardware Enablement Patches for HP-UX 11i v2, December 2007
IEther-00 B.11.23.0609 PCI/PCI-X IEther;Supptd HW=A7011/A7012/AB352/AB290/AB545/AD193/AD194/AD331/AD332
ISEEPlatform A.03.95.057 ISEE Platform
J4269AA B.04.00.03 LDAP-UX Integration
Java15JDK Java 1.5 JDK for HP-UX
Java15JDKadd Java 1.5 JDK -AA addon for HP-UX
Java15JRE Java 1.5 JRE for HP-UX
Java15JREadd Java 1.5 JRE -AA addon for HP-UX
Java60JRE Java 6.0 JRE for HP-UX
Judy B. Judy Library and Related files
LVMProvider R11.23.007 CIM/WBEM Provider for LVM
MOZILLA Mozilla for HP-UX
MOZILLAsrc Mozilla Source distribution
OnlineDiag B. HPUX 11.23 Support Tools Bundle, Sep 2006
ParMgr B. Partition Manager - HP-UX
QPKAPPS B.11.23.0712.070a Applications Patches for HP-UX 11i v2, December 2007
QPKBASE B.11.23.0712.070a Base Quality Pack Bundle for HP-UX 11i v2, December 2007
RAID-01 B.11.23.0609 RAID SA; Supptd HW=A7143A/A9890A/A9891A
Sec00Tools B.01.02.00 Install-Time security infrastructure.
SecPatchCk B.02.02 HP-UX Security Patch Check Tool
SerialSCSI-00 B. PCI-X SerialSCSI
SysFaultMgmt B. HPUX System Fault Management
SysMgmtWeb A. HP-UX Web Based System Management User Interfaces
T1456AA Java2 1.4 SDK for HP-UX
T1456AAaddon Java2 1.4 SDK -AA addon for HP-UX
T1457AA Java2 1.4 RTE for HP-UX
T1457AAaddon Java2 1.4 RTE -AA addon for HP-UX
T1471AA A.04.30.007 HP-UX Secure Shell
T2743AA A. HP Global Workload Manager Agent
TBIRD Thunderbird for HP-UX
TBIRDsrc Thunderbird Source distribution
USB-00 C.01.04.01 USB Subsystem and Drivers
UtilProvider A. HP-UX Utilization Provider
VMGuestLib A.04.00 Integrity VM Guest Support Libraries
VMProvider A.04.00 WBEM Provider for Integrity VM
hpuxwsApache B. HP-UX Apache-based Web Server
hpuxwsTomcat B. HP-UX Tomcat-based Servlet Engine
hpuxwsWebmin A.1.070.07 HP-UX Webmin-based Admin
hpuxwsXml A.2.00 HP-UX XML Web Server Tools
perl D.5.8.3.H Perl Programming Language
scsiU320-00 B.11.23.0609 PCI-X SCSI U320; Supptd HW=A7173A/AB290A
vParProvider B. vPar Provider - HP-UX
# Product(s) not contained in a Bundle:

lynx 2.8.7 lynx
ncurses 5.7 ncurses

I see a lynx and ncurses in new bundle....need remedy pls
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Re: Installing Lynx Browser

Not in a "new bundle": as it says, these products are not contained in any bundle at all. That's OK.

Now, the name of the command to start Lynx is "lynx", logically enough. But if the command was not installed to one of the directories listed in the PATH environment variable, just the name is not enough: you will need to specify the path too.

What is the correct path? Since you did not tell us where did you get your Lynx from, we don't *know* that either!

However, some experience with HP-UX freeware allows me to *guess* that you probably got it from here:

If that's true, the command you need is "/usr/local/bin/lynx". If you want to use just "lynx", add /usr/local/bin to the list of directories in /etc/PATH (and /usr/local/man to /etc/MANPATH), and then logout & login again.

A full version of this procedure is described in:

See "6.3 How do I set up my environment so I can use the software?". However, just editing /etc/PATH and /etc/MANPATH should be enough for Lynx.

You'll probably find that your Lynx does not run yet. Look at the webpage I linked above. It specifies gettext, libiconv and ncurses as "Run-time dependencies". You have just one out of the three. You need to install gettext and libiconv too before Lynx can run. You can find those packages by clicking on the "run-time dependencies" links on the Lynx download page.

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Re: Installing Lynx Browser

Hi MK,

Bull's Eye; It worked...Thanks alot..

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Re: Installing Lynx Browser

100% Perfect answer