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Installing RH9 on Prosignia 300

Christian Wix
Occasional Visitor

Installing RH9 on Prosignia 300

I just installed RH9 on my Prosignia 300 with two SCSI HD's, a SCSI adn a SCSI tape backup. I had some trouble stating the installation but with mem=48M@16M it worked.
After the installation it won't boot because of some memory error. If I add mem="48M@16M" it doesn't complain but it never comes futher than "booting..." What am I doing wrong?
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: Installing RH9 on Prosignia 300

Does the memory pass the post check? It might have just failed.

Can you boot the box with your emergency diskette and take a look around?

Are the SCSI ID's consistent and are the SCSI devices correctly terminated?

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation