Installing RHEL 5 on BL460c

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Installing RHEL 5 on BL460c


We would like to install RHEL 5 on BL460c not using Altiris but using cobbler.

When we deploy RHEL with Altiris, the job also install some packages. These packages seem to enable things like iLO data updates, ICE monitoring...

Can someone say what we need to install to make our RHEL better work with the HP tools ?

Thanks for your reading.
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: Installing RHEL 5 on BL460c


HP PSP is a good starting point for making the list you mention work.

Can you list what version of PSP you have installed.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation

Re: Installing RHEL 5 on BL460c

Hmmmm.. Actually, I did not install any PSP at the moment. I think that Proliant Support Pack should be one of the things I need to install.

Re: Installing RHEL 5 on BL460c

Ok... I download the PSP tarball. Inside the Tarball, there is a lot of RPMS.

Do I need to install all of them ?
Which is the minimum requirement I need to install ?
Michael Leu
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Re: Installing RHEL 5 on BL460c

Depends on what you want to do ;-)

The full answer can probably be found here:
-> Managing ProLiant servers with Linux

I usually install hp-health, hp-snmp-agents, hp-ilo, hponcfg and hpacucli.