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Installing and Configuring

Fedora Core 6
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Installing and Configuring


i Just want to install FC6 on Raid 5 with a HPNetRaid D4943-60002.

First of all i configured a volume (Raid 5) with three Disk (3x Seagate 150176LC) an initialized it = everything fine
Then i installed FC6 = everything works
I just modified some conf files and reboot the system
After rebooting the are a lot of errors and the disks were detekted separately (fdisk -l shows three disks, sda sdb sdc, sda has 100GB and the others only 50GB)
While booting i get an error for the Partitiontable something with P3...
Now i just thougt about updatating the bios from A04.00 to A04.03. But when i start to update (started with a DRDOS Disk) the programm tells me that this programm cannot be run in DOS mode. How can do the update?
And some other questions
When i start the system in Rescue mode everthing is fine and there is only sda shown with fdisk.
I read in another thread for debian that there should be a problem while loading megaraid and aic7xxx parallel. I just diabled the onboard aic7800 in bios, but i don't know how to disable it in the kernel cause the system still tries to load the module aic7xxx. i think this is the problem.
are there any solutions for my problems?

i hope my describing is understandable cause my english is not very well.

thanks for answering and greetz from germany
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Re: Installing and Configuring

Hi ,

First, you have detailed out the problem very well and in defined manner, at least I didn't face any problem in understanding it..

It seems you have done some configuration errors, and I think it's not related to firmware (though it's always good to have latest firmware).

Pls check & recall which are the files you have done config chages, and then it would be easier for you to troubleshoot.

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Fedora Core 6
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Re: Installing and Configuring

thanks for writing..i just try to explain what i have done..first off all i did an update with yum..after that i changed some configuration like, cupsd.conf, added user with the useradd option not more and not less. i think this couldn't be the reason for errors.
now in the evening i just restart the system to get an actual error log to post...while the system reboots i get an error for hdb, this is an extension disk whith only data, its on the ide port and hasn't produced any errors yet. cause there is sensitive data on it i disabled the disk and reboot...this time no errors from the megaraid appears only network doesn't work
though you can see what happens i post the error log in the following link
now i think there is something wrong with the motherboard cause there are new errors that have never been before..i will now try to reboot the system with hdb active and see what happens this time.
at the end i just ask again for the firmware update, cause i don't know how to do the update..inside linux and dos it doesn't work

thanks eric
Steven E. Protter
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Re: Installing and Configuring


I don't see a problem with what you've done except playing around with the bios settings.

In general a few things need to be understood.

1) FC6 is not producgtion grade software, especially for servers. The yum update probably introduced some bad code into the system that caused this problem. I'm using FC6 to connect to ITRC right now.
2) Storage setup needs to be finalized prior to configuration. That means you get the storage working the way you want and then put in filesystems and logical volumes and whatnot.
3) The best way out of this if the system isn't already to corrupt for recovery is to boot from the previous kernel.

Steven E Protter
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Fedora Core 6
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Re: Installing and Configuring looks like an firmware update did the job

current version is now A04.03, this is the most actual version i found...
i hope that this is/was the problem...i bootet the system three times and it works
i will try on an post the results if there are still errors

thanks for this time

bye eric