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Intall with ICOD

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Paula J Frazer-Campbell
Honored Contributor

Intall with ICOD

Hi to all

I am preparing to reinstall HP-UX 11 on a 6 way N class server with Qty 2 ICOD processors.

1. Can I do it or is it a HP install?

2. If the the answer to quiestion 1 is that I can do the install, what do I have to do with the ICOD bit of the install?

Thanks in advance

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Dietmar Konermann
Honored Contributor

Re: Intall with ICOD

Hi, Paula!

You may use this procedure:

Re-Installing HP-UX on an iCOD System

If you re-install HP-UX on an iCOD system (for example, cold-installing a new version of HP-UX or from a ?Golden Image?), all information in the iCOD configuration file will disappear unless you do the following:

- Before the re-install, manually save the processor allocation history (/etc/.iCOD_data) and restore it after the re-install.

- Re-install the iCOD version 2 software bundle B9073AA from the SupportPlus media.

- Restore your iCOD configuration /etc/.iCOD_data).

If this is not done, you will lose all of the iCOD change history and contact information.

... quoted from iCOD RelNotes, B9073-90003

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