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Integrated Mirroring in HP-UX 11.31

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Integrated Mirroring in HP-UX 11.31

Hi all,


I am configuring an Itanium rx2660 and I want to configure an IM volume. My server had 4 internal disks. From the EFI console I can add only 2 disks in a IM volume and one more as a hot spare (optional). Is there a way to add all the disks in an IM and configure them to be both stripped and mirrored?


Thanks a lot!

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Re: Integrated Mirroring in HP-UX 11.31

I guess you use the default controller.


"Core 8 port Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) host bus adapter, supports up to two internal RAID 1 volumes (2×2 HDDs) and a disk for global hot spare, for a maximum of five disks in RAIDed arrays for HP UX, OpenVMS, and Linux. The additional three drives (of the maximum of eight drives supported) can be accessed normally, but not configured for RAID"


Taken from


So, the answer is no - you can not add all 4 disks with that controller to one IM volume.