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Internal heap ERROR 17113

Kuntal Mondal
Occasional Visitor

Internal heap ERROR 17113

We are running a few (12) 32-bit-cpp programs using Oracle9i(as database) on HP-UX(11i). For database connectiion we use Oracle-OCI calls. We are intermittently getting the following error messages.
********** Internal heap ERROR 17113 addr=00000000 *********

HEAP DUMP heap name="" desc=00000000
extent sz=0x0 alt=0 het=0 rec=0 flg=0 opc=0
parent=00000000 owner=00000000 nex=00000000 xsz=0x0
Hla: 0

**** Recursive heap error: 17113 addr=00000000, ds=00000000

Definitely this core is not generating from the application level - bacause same code gets compiled and executed on Solaris and Windows with no problems. Can you please tell me what configuration parameters I should check for ?

Any help will be highly appreciated.

We didn't have this problem with Oracle8i.

Thanx a lot,

T G Manikandan
Honored Contributor

Re: Internal heap ERROR 17113

What release version of 9i are you running.
there are lot of bug fixed with

Please revert

Also revert on your machine configuration as how much memory you have?

What kernel parameter values you have for shared memory(shmmax) dbc_max_pct.

Kuntal Mondal
Occasional Visitor

Re: Internal heap ERROR 17113

I am using "Oracle". The system has 2GB RAM and 4GB Swap space.
shmmax and shmmni has values of 1073741824 and 1024 respectively.
dbc_max_pct and dbx_min_pct has value of 20.
I have to work with Oracle9i because this is the client requirement.

Any help will be highly appreciated.

Jeff Schussele
Honored Contributor

Re: Internal heap ERROR 17113

Hi Kuntal,

Here's a bunch of good threads on Internal Heap ERRORs:

Appears that several conditions can cause this error:

1) Exhausting 32-bit memory space
2) Bad coding
3) Incorrect environment settings

Look these over - they may give you the info you need to resolve this.


BTW - I searched the forum with "Internal heap ERROR" to find these
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