Interview Questions

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Interview Questions

Hello I have 1 year of Unix/Linux experience. I need to prepare for "Unix/Linux Application Support Job Interview" What do I need to study to prepare for this interview? I have only two days.

Steven E. Protter
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Re: Interview Questions

Shalom FA,

I just had an interview today, a technical one with 10 questions.

Here is what I remember.

1) You have an IBM x336 with hardware raid 1 as production, you want to migrate to an IBM x3650 with raid 5 hardware. How do you handle the migration. Without an imaging tool like acronis. How do you figure out what software is running on the source system?

2) What are the components of DNS? In the zone record for a domain, what it the minimum types of records to start.

3) Why does apache require root to start? ftp, named?

4) What is the software system for HP-UX?

At this moment the first three were from the interview, the last I just made up. If you need answers, you may be in a little trouble, but I'll check back and provide them and more questions later. Maybe.

Steven E Protter
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Re: Interview Questions

I just happen to have a list of things we ask around here for prospective *nix candidates:

1) Without using the GUI, what command do you use to change the IP and netmask for an interface?

2) How do you make the above change persistent?

3) How do you change a route?

4) How do you make the routing change persistent?

5) On a Solaris system, name all the ways you can get to the "ok" prompt.

6) What will "df -k" show you?

7) What is "sudo" and why is is used?

8) What is the keystroke sequence in "vi" to change from edit mode to command mode?

9) What do you look for or what do you adjust if your connection is 10Mbps/half duplex when all the other computers on that segment are running 100Mbps/full duplex?

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Re: Interview Questions

Hi FA,

Read all FAQ of UNIX, which you are comfortable with..

our forum is best to refer,

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Re: Interview Questions

I wish I had a good answer. You really need to be prepared for anything. I can only offer some advice. Make sure you don't make up answers. It can only hurt. Also, let them know that you best skill is knowing where to find answers. The best admins know where to find answers and are humble enough to admit they do not know everything. Good luck!

A little prayer never hurts either.
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