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Is there an st.conf file on HPUX?

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Luis Toro
Regular Advisor

Is there an st.conf file on HPUX?


I was having an issue with our backup software, and the support tech asked me to update "st.conf". All references for that file that I have found are for Solaris. Is there an st.conf on HPUX 11.11? If so, where? If not, is there an equivalent?
Pete Randall
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Re: Is there an st.conf file on HPUX?

What is your backup software?


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Re: Is there an st.conf file on HPUX?

You should tell us more about your hardware, os version and patch level.

My understanding of st.conf is, you can manipulate the OS (driver) to make it familiar with new hardware, but I don't know anything about solaris. No such thing is hp-ux.

Check, if your drivers and patches are up to date.

Hope this helps!

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Re: Is there an st.conf file on HPUX?


No, there is no equivalent of st.conf
in HP-UX. HP-UX was always easy and
simple in regards to hardware setup.

In fact, Sun is going away from it too.
Starting from Solaris 10 U5, there is a new
self-identification feature for tape drives.
It configures the tape drive automatically,
with the parameters provided by the drive.
The tape drive self-identification uses
several SCSI commands to directly query
the required parameters from the tape drive.

Previously, the configuration data for the
tape drive was statically added through
user-editable configs (like st.conf),
built-in configuration tables, or default

Whoever asked you to edit st.conf in HP-UX
made a "slight error" and makes me
worried how much they know about HP-UX...


PS. I was actually one of the founding
members of Solaris Interest Group at HP and
delivered three Solaris courses for HP
engineers so far (Containers and ZFS).
VK2COT - Dusan Baljevic
Luis Toro
Regular Advisor

Re: Is there an st.conf file on HPUX?


I just wanted to know whether or not there was such a thing on HPUX. The tech was adamant about the file existing on HPUX.