Itanium Diagnostics

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Itanium Diagnostics

I want to diagnose my Itanium servers,
what do you propose? I can shutdown the server. I have Linux Redhat installed on the server. what do you propose?
Can you be specific please.

Raj D.
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Re: Itanium Diagnostics

Try similar to mstm in linux , in hp-ux you canhappily use mstm and can do any type of diagnostics and excercise for a specified period of time.
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Re: Itanium Diagnostics


it really depends on what do you want to achieve.

If you want to get an inventory of your system, stop at EFI boot prompt, run the shell and the "info" command, e.g. "info sys".

You also may get the offline diag CD and run the tools. Get it here:

Hope this helps!

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Andrew Merritt_2
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Re: Itanium Diagnostics

Hi Simon,

The HPIEFPL package has some diagnostic tools for Itanium Linux servers; you may already have it installed, if not you can download from here -

Steven E. Protter
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Re: Itanium Diagnostics


Recent Itanium servers rx3660 and rx6600 systems have some diagnostics built into the bios that can be accessed from the console at boot time.

As noted it really depends on what the need is what you should do. The bootable diagnostic cd is also very useful and may contain features not included in the built in.

I'd say its time for you to specify why you want to run diagnostics to receive more specific information.

Steven E Protter
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Re: Itanium Diagnostics

Thank you all for replying.
I like to do these diagnostics as part of our policy of preventive maintenance. I am interested in the diagnostics of CPU, Memory, Disk I/O ....

My first choice is the Offline Diagnostic Tools since we have to reboot the server as required.
I thought I take some other ideas.
If you can contribute in some ideas in the Offline Diagnostics it will be great.